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The healthcare environment is increasingly demanding on staff wellness and emotional resilience with undeniable influence on burnout and overall emotional exhaustion. Burnout is associated with poorer quality of care, medical error, and can result in increased nursing turn-over; the average turnover cost for a RN is between $37,700 - $58,400

The ability to measure the emotional well-being of staff and provide proactive targeted support allows an organization to demonstrate the value it sees in its employees while increasing retention and improving culture. These wellness modules are evidence-based and allow for continuous measurement and real-time monitoring of an organization’s emotional temperature.

Partner Modules for
RISE Program Platform

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Out of the box solution for RISE program implementation. Seamless workflow that improves team productivity and situation awareness


  • Fast and anonymous

  • Workstation/mobile compatible

  • Real-time team notifications via email/text/call

  • Link activations to intake

  • Intuitive cloud-based form

  • Multiple intakes per activation

  • Schedule and track

  • impact measurement
$5,000 / hospital (annual)

$2,000 one-time implementation fee ($1,000 waived for MPSC RISE organizations)
Emotional Wellness Assessment

Try it for yourself!
Continuous measurement of the emotional well-being of staff provides insight as to the emotional temperature of your organization.

  • Anonymous quick self-report of feelings in the moment.

  • Measures perception of support at work

  • Measures perception of impact of intervention

  • Can be used to evaluate other Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Help (MESH) services
$5,000 / hospital (annual)

$2,000 one-time implementation fee ($1,000 waived for MPSC RISE organizations)

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